7 Unspoken Rules To Proper Gym Etiquette

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The gym will be a much better place if everyone just simply did what mama said; play nice. There are injuries that people get that could've so easily been avoided had they simply observed some basic gym etiquette. All it takes is just a bit of care if no for yourself, then for the person working out next to you. Here are some of the basic instructions of etiquette while using the gym.

1. Shave your armpits

I have listed this as the number one gym etiquette that should be developed. I honesty get really disturbed and grossed out when the person working out next to me has armpit hair that's long enough to be held in a pony! Foe the sake of the peace of heart of the many who are like me, just take an extra 5 minutes and shave your armpits before hitting the gym.

2. Return everything where it was as soon as you're done with it.

You got your weights nicely arranged on the rack. It's only polite for you to return it on the same rack for the sake of the other people who want to use them. Imagine if you had to go around the gym picking up the stuff you need from the floor just because the person who used it before you is a lazy bum. This will also reduce the number of injuries gotten when you hurt a toe on a weight left on the floor or trip and break a bone.

3. Be aware of your environment

You need to know that the gym isn't as spacious as your living room. Equipment is put close to each other so that you don't end up walking from one end to the other half the time you're in the gym. By constantly knowing your environment, you will always be aware of how far the other person is. This means that you won't go around flinging your hands and feet carelessly because you may end up hurting the other person as well as yourself.

4. Share your toys.

Don't be mean by hogging the machine all to yourself. If you want to use a machine that bad, buy yourself one! Allow others to use the machine during your rest breaks.

5. Always clean up after your mess

I'm sure you don't like it when you use a machine that's slippery and it's because it's been greased. Wipe out all traces of your sweat and saliva from every place you touch. Don't leave even the slightest bit of your DNA!

6. Only pick emergency calls on your mobile.

It is so annoying when someone is busy on the treadmill and is at the same time screaming into their hands free device for what seems to be ages. Put your phone on silent mode and after you're done with your workout, call back whoever was trying to reach you.

7. Be clean

Shower after you're done working out. Wash your gym clothes and shoes every time you use them.
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7 Unspoken Rules To Proper Gym Etiquette

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This article was published on 2010/11/13